Nomadic life

Előadó: Ashutosh Sehgal (Nomadicashu)

Get to know Inside the world of a Nomad.

Since we were little children, everyone in our lives including our parents, teachers, relatives, media has taught us to build a stable career, to have a stable job, to be in a stable relationship irrespective of how difficult it has been. But no one ever asked us are you satisfied in that job, are you happy in your relationship, are you following your passion and so on.

So, in my presentation I want to talk about our society and how they make us think and believe in having a life where you have to fulfill certain expectations and you are supposed to tick checkpoints as if you are in a race which I am not sure is right.

So, If you also think and believe that you are meant to be, meant to do something bigger something different which others perceive as wrong or impossible than this presentation is for you.

Live life off the Grid! Listen the Ideology of a Nomad.