Presenters: Daria Kholodilina & Zviadi Kelenjeridze

“Trails and Wines”, Georgia

While Eastern Georgia (Kazbegi, Tusheti) is more or less popular amongst the international travelers, the regions such as Racha, Lechkhumi and Samegrelo remain unknown. And here he goes, to explore the places that didn’t really see the travelers, put them on the map, and mark them properly, so that the future guests of the area would find their way without any problem.
Together, Daria and Zviadi decided to create the travel company that would focus on authentic experiences only. They take their guests to the places that they genuinely like, to the regions that are scarcely populated, to the real Georgian families that cook local food and make wine according to the 8000-years old tradition. They invite the international people to learn some local crafts, to sing and dance together with the Georgians, to be aside of the mass tourism as much as possible.
The main idea of “Trails and Wines” is to make the guests travel in time, while traveling in space, to share the piece of the Georgian soul with them, and to make them feel very welcome. This is what a big company and a big group can never do.

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