Richard Bouda

Kenya slums and Balkan caves

Balkan – adventure trips
A mixture of nations and cultures, endless forests and deep canyons, mysterious underground and untamed rivers … So diverse is the Balkans. Let’s share a fraction of this colorful mosaic – newly discovered caves and adventure trips associated with discovering , splash wild rivers and waterfalls…..

Kenya – Kibera- the largest slum in Africa
The Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, is considered as the largest in Africa, and third place in the world’s most unlucky slums. The number of people living in this area is very difficult to find, however UN statistics indicate that the approximate value is 2.5 million “inhabitants”.
The vast majority of people living here do not have income higher than 1Usd a day. Of course, it brings enormous problems – criminality, drugs, prostitution – but also the imaginary separation, of the slum into gangs and “neighborhoods”. The main streets are lined with dealers’ shops offering diverse goods of unsure origin. Everywhere children cry, play loud music from the loudspeakers, dripping waste water, and trash at every step. All of this is surrounded by rusty huts, which give their residents a space just over 5m2.
Children often hang with a bottle of glue at the nose. Some even use hard drugs, other alcohol produced from yeast and sugar. It is they who are trying to help our Salesians and they are working in the local slums. In particular, children offer education in their schools and leisure activities, involving volunteers from the Czech Republic. Some children, even decades, can not read and write. For many, Salesian help is the only way to escape from the vicious carousel of a dangerous drug life.

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