Mysterious villages in India

Előadó: Peter Gresa

What is life like in a Himalayan village where women have several husbands at once?

A view of India from an unusual point of view – from her incredible (and often bizarre) villages.It started a years ago during a random visit to a “chess village”, where the passion of one man transformed the whole community. People stopped drinking and changed their way of thinking because of chess. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Well, I quickly realized that in India, everything is possible.

After finding the treasure in the chess village, I decided that I had to search for other incredible villages. This is how this project started to grow.

During the festival I will talk about my last, sixth visit to India. We will visit a mysterious village of astrologers and “snake people” from an ancient tribal community in southern India. From there, we will move north to an isolated region of the mystical Himalayas, where polygamy is still practiced and everyday life is managed by village deities.