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Nomadic life

About me

Hello, my name is Ashutosh Sehgal (Nomadicashu). I belong to Delhi, India. Back in 2017 after passing my Graduation, I went on a Hitchhiking trip with my buddy across India, We travelled across Indian subcontinent from North to South for over a month with the least amount of money we could and that is where my journey began.

The trip made me realize how big is this world and if you won’t travel you will never know. Then fate took towards Mountaineering and worked as a Mountain Guide across Himalayas taking people to various high-altitude treks.

I didn’t stop there and found my way to working on Cruise ships and have travelled across Europe, Australia, Asia and Tasmania and so on. I believe that travel is something which is not just meant for fun but something which gives you a character and better understanding about the world as well as yourself.

Regarding my hobbies I love Mountaineering, Kayaking, Climbing, Photography, reading and obviously traveling.